CEO message



Sayama green tea trace its history back in 14 century, and famous among tea lovers for its supreme taste. But it has been kept as more of “hidden treasure” as it has limited production volume compare to its competitors Shizuoka, Uji and so forth. While Japan as a country went through rapid post war economic growth, so did the Sayama region. Farms turned into commercial facilities and apartments which resulted in immediate Sayama green tea production drop, and sustainability of Sayama green tea became a big question as younger generation are not willing to succeed the farm and its heritage. We want to preserve this unique/beautiful tea to next generation, and for that purpose started Sayama green tea school, for people outside this region to experience Sayama green tea and tea producers to be even more proud of what he/she does.


I started DPS Corporation after working 30 plus years in automotive industry as buisness planner and marketer. Company vision of DPS is connecting people to create “Uki-Uki”. “Uki-Uki” means you are excited, passionate and engaged. During my corporate career, I had so many Uki-Uki, thanks to great people I met. I wanted to expand this emotion above and beyond, thus decided to start my own business and established DPS Corporation.

I am native of Kobe Japan, so green tea to me has been Uji. I started to live in Sayama region about 5 years ago, and since then, I cannot live without Sayama green tea and its amazing producers.


I sincerely hope you will enjoy this Sayama green tea experience!


Takeshi Marusawa

president & CEO, DPS Corporation