What we offer

Tea Leaf Picking

It is not just “picking”
You have to “pick it right” for a tea leaf to turn into a tasty tea.

Enjoy the art of tea leaf picking!

Factory Observation

Learn how the machine replaced traditional hand-rolling process. It must be impressive!


Sayamabiire (tea leaf heating)

Experience the final process of Sayama green tea production.
This processs is unique to Sayama green tea, tradition for hundreds of years. 

Sayama Green Tea History

Sayama tea farming started 700 years ago, collapsed due to civil war, revived in 19th century, and again it has been declining recently… The history is just like a roller-coaster!      

Brewing & Tasting

Here you are!

Try to taste an authentic Sayama tea in an authentic Japanese brewing style. Enjoy your happy moment!



Remarks: The above program is subject to change without notice.